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Hemi Sync audio CDs are well known in the world of brainwaves. They offer a wide range of binaural rhythm recordings using Hemi Sync’s own patented technology, which is scientifically and clinically proven.

Hemi Sync is part of the Monroe Institute, one of the first binaural rhythms of research institutes. There are a few pros and cons to keep in mind when considering trying their products.

What do they offer?

Hemi Sync offers a wide range of CDs with binaural bits. Their duration varies, but on average they last about fifty minutes. They offer a 100% warranty, and their prices start at $10 and grow.

Their technology uses multi-layered audio signals that work directly with brain waves to create all kinds of certain states of consciousness.

Pro Hemi-Sync

There is a reason why this business is so popular … There are many positive benefits, including:

Their choices are very wide. There is one record that will appeal to almost everyone and will satisfy the needs of most people.
They provide quite a lot of scientific evidence to support the quality and effectiveness of their products. They have conducted research and testing and we can read anything that helps build trust.
They were just one of the first pioneers of brainwaves. They have been studying this profession for quite some time, and there are a lot of great people in their team. They’re here for a long time, and their products are likely to only get better.

Against Hemi-Sync

Only binaural rhythms are used in their recordings. Although they have proven to be highly effective, today there are newer technologies, such as mono rhythms and ischron tones, that have proved even more effective and work faster.
All of their records are on CDs and cannot be downloaded in MP3 format, as other companies suggest.

Overall results with Hemi Sync CDs:

As mentioned above, they have a wide range of audio, and each sound is tuned to a different frequency to create a certain desired response. However, some general results:

Deep meditative states
Less stress and anxiety
Clearer focus and focus
More creativity
Deeper and lighter sleep
Last thoughts …

There are many different transport companies, and every day there are more and more of them. Whether you decide to try Hemi Sync or another product, remember that use only original, unedited records.

Some companies offer very low quality stock withdrawals. Hemi Sync is good … I believe there are others that are better, but you won’t go wrong with their cheap CDs because you can rely on their good quality.

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