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As part of Ford’s exclusive SYNC system since 2009, the Ford 911 Assist is arguably one of the most useful features drivers hope they will never need. It also gives drivers peace of mind!

You can drive your new Ford car on a certain day when there is an unforeseen circumstance – another car may collide with you or another traffic accident may occur. After almost every accident, the driver is dizzy and confused, completely not realizing what just happened. The next thing you can hear from the car is a female voice saying … “Call the emergency number.”

In the event of an accident involving an airbag or, in some vehicles, with an emergency fuel pump shutdown, 911 Assist will call the local emergency center directly. In a situation where the passenger is unable to respond, SYNC refers to the emergency call center and the operator warns of an incident.

When the mobile phone is properly paired, turned on and connected to SYNC, which should happen every time the driver gets into the car with his mobile phone, the system is ready for use.

Many people do not know this, but cell phones have been manufactured using GPS chips for many years. This technology, combined with a timekeeping system, helps the emergency operator find where you are, even if you don’t know exactly where you are. And you can talk directly to the 911 operator and let them know your physical condition.

A Ford customer who was involved in an accident when the system automatically called 911, said: “I thought it was only in advertising. It really works.” After SYNC connected her to a local emergency center, the client said she was able to pass on the relevant information. Police and fire engines soon arrived at the scene.

Unlike other failure reporting services, 911 Assist forces the customer not to sign up and pay for an expensive monthly maintenance plan; SYNC uses the client’s available mobile phone. The main advantage of the system is also speed, as calls are sent directly to the local emergency response center, rather than to a third-party call center, as in other competitive systems.

The speed and effectiveness of emergency services can mean the difference between life and death. And it looks like the Ford 911 auxiliary function can provide that.

Almost all Ford cars in 2008 and early 2009, equipped with the standard SYNC system, are eligible for an upgrade, which also includes an innovative function of the car’s status report. All cars equipped with Sync since mid-2009 already have this function.

The Vehicle Status Report (VHR) allows customers to track and control the condition of their car in a single, easy-to-read report and receive important warnings. On the Ford SYNC support website, customers can register their synchronization system and get more information about the service. Once you’ve created a confidential report, you can request it with simple voice commands.

The report includes the state of the diagnostic system, routine maintenance, necessary repairs from the last visit to the dealership and even warns owners about unfinished reviews. Customers can print a report, email it to other users, or go to the preferred reseller’s website with an additional click with a ready-to-use report. All they have to do is choose the meeting time and confirm the request. If the owner encounters a diagnostic problem that is considered serious, the system will immediately send a text message to the owner’s mobile phone with specific actions for the best resolution of the situation.

The Ford Sync system as a whole is designed for your peace of mind. In addition to making and receiving phone calls in the hands-free mode and managing the infotainment system, SYNC seems to have it all.

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