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Month: March 2021

Cloud Storage – Easiest Way to Sync Files Online

Cloud storage is a technology that allows you to store data online. Instead of buying additional storage space and investing in infrastructure, store data on web servers owned by cloud service providers. Today, companies are turning to the cloud to get a lot of additional benefits and features. You can access your data 24/7 from […]

Lexar Shoot-n-Sync SD Cards

Today we will be introduced to the release of the new Lexar SD card, Lexar Shoot-n-Sync. A strange name for the SD memory card. I agree, but this SD card is not just a memory card. The brand-new Lexar Shoot-n-Sync memory card is designed to simplify the process of shooting, sharing and storing digital photos […]

Hemi Sync CDs Generate Binaural Beats For Pure Meditation

Various meditation techniques have been developed to help people cope with their stressful lifestyles. Stress or tension is one of the causes of health problems. Thus, it is important for a person to reduce stress levels and live at a relaxed pace. Meditation is getting rid of the stress and stress that most people suffer […]

Sync Workshop: Pushing the Right Buttons

Let’s face it, most car manufacturers are rapidly introducing smartphone technology into the dashboards of our cars. Some of us don’t know how to use these systems. This workshop focuses on some common problems with the Ford Microsoft Sync system. Some Ford owners may think that their gas distribution system is “working.” Sometimes you try […]

Kelly Howell’s Brain Sync Technology

Is it hard not to have motivation? Extra stress? Personal insecurity? The desire for greater personal success and prosperity? Kelly Howell’s brain synchronization audio cassettes are the subject of this product review, and in my experience, her meditations, led and without guidance, help solve all these problems. These audio recordings take advantage of the latest […]

New Ford SYNC AppLink Gives Drivers a Personal Navigator

Hundreds of new products were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. One of these innovations is that Ford Motor Company Scout® of Telenav, Inc. ™ was selected as a personalized navigation service for the partnership with Ford SYNC® AppLink ™. The purpose of this automaker was to select Scout for the SYNC AppLink, as […]

Sync Your Office Calendar With Calendar Sync

In this world it is very important that people can access their important email messages online. They can’t just sit at their desks and wait for emails. They also like to work from home or go on vacation. This will result in meetings being skipped and will not be notified of their responsibilities. The good […]

Siri and Sync – So Many Women, So Little Time

The iPhone 4S and Siri were introduced to the public in October 2011 – Siri, the voice of the iPhone, met with “Samantha”, the voice of Ford Sync, and it looks like they get along well … The new iPhone uses a female voice to listen to your questions and it answers them. Her nickname […]

Hemi Sync Review – Learn the Pros & Cons

Hemi Sync audio CDs are well known in the world of brainwaves. They offer a wide range of binaural rhythm recordings using Hemi Sync’s own patented technology, which is scientifically and clinically proven. Hemi Sync is part of the Monroe Institute, one of the first binaural rhythms of research institutes. There are a few pros […]