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Month: March 2021

Ford Uses SYNC to Manage Illness on the Go

In recent years, Americans have begun to play a more active role in managing their health and well-being. Recognizing this trend, Ford is developing a line of in-car connectivity solutions for health and wellness. These solutions are designed to provide self-help information to people behind the wheel. Ford uses SYNC® capabilities to connect devices via […]

Ford Sync Says Bring in the Droids!

So, the iPhone 4S is here… and while we’re all waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 5, many of us have renewed cell phone contracts and decided to buy Blackberry, HTC, LG or Samsung based on Android. Buy. smartphone – and the Ford Sync system works well with them. Sync, Ford’s hands-free infotainment system, […]

Peace of Mind With Ford’s Sync Technology

As part of Ford’s exclusive SYNC system since 2009, the Ford 911 Assist is arguably one of the most useful features drivers hope they will never need. It also gives drivers peace of mind! You can drive your new Ford car on a certain day when there is an unforeseen circumstance – another car may […]

Sync 3 Now Supports Apple CarPlay

Ford now supports SYNC 3 with software updates to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ for 2016 and 2017 model years. Customers can now update the software by downloading the software to a USB drive, visiting a reseller, or using wireless Wi-Fi. This is Ford’s first Wi-Fi software update. It offers a convenient and […]