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Bluetooth Technology Workshop: The Blackberry Phone and the Ford Sync System

Let’s face it, sometimes it seems that phones don’t work well with the Ford Sync system. So is the problem with Sync or with the phone? The open architecture of Sync systems allows you to work with a wide range of phones. When problems arise, review a list of things to see what the problems are, and Blackberry phones are a separate world.

One thing that frustrates this is that many companies choose Blackberry phones as their “working phone”. You may not need this type of phone as a user, but your business needs it. Because it’s not as common as a phone, it may seem that finding answers to questions is more difficult. The purpose of this seminar is to solve a number of serious problems.

So let’s look at some common Blackberry/Sync problems and try to present some good solutions. One of these problems is when you’re trying to pair Blackberry, and during the pairing process, the synchronization system goes into “privacy mode” and the system seems to freeze.

First of all, make sure your phone has a Wi-Fi connection. Please disable this feature now because it disrupts the pairing process.

As an additional precaution, remove the back of the phone. Do not use the battery for about a minute and then re-insert it. Replace the back of the phone. Let the device run. This process will take a few minutes, but allow the phone to go through the start-up procedure.

Go to the Settings folder on Blackberry. Activate the bluetooth. Get in the car and turn it on. Tap the phone icon on the steering wheel or dashboard. This activates the “Phone Menu” which can display the text “Phone is not found” for a few seconds. Then he can say ,add the device. Click OK on the dashboard or on the steering wheel. A voice will be heard through the car stereo: “Click THE OK button to start the pairing process.” Click OK. The voice continues: “Enter the PIN displayed on your device.” Because it’s Blackberry, rotate the adjustment handle on the dashboard until the LED display has a “Special PIN” sign. Click OK.

Now go to your phone, set it up to search for Bluetooth devices. Moments later, he’ll find the device when synchronization appears on the screen as a detected device, click the Home button on Blackberry (this is the main control button in the center). The device displays an additional screen on which you can enter a four-digit PIN. Then click OK on your phone. There will be another screen with a few questions. Scroll down and highlight a button that asks if you need to plug in a synchronized connection. Then scroll up and highlight the “Yes” button to connect to Sync. The screen and voice panel will then help you complete further requests. To the question “Make the main phone?” click OK. To the question “Activate the emergency service?” click OK. Note that if you don’t, your voice can sound every time you turn on the machine. He will say, “You will be reminded that the emergency services are off.” Sync then asks the question “Download the phone book?” click OK and give the sync system time to download contacts. When the system is complete, the system will show “Download is complete.” You can click on your phone icon for about five seconds to clear the screen. Now you’re ready to use your phone.

Tap the “Voice” icon on the steering wheel (it’s a mouth-like symbol with a coming sound). The synchronization system will beep and say, “Synchronization, name your team.” Then you can say “Phone.” He’ll say, “Phone, tell your team.” Then say “Call your contact (the name of your contact stored in your catalog).” Or say “Get it, ” and the synchronization will ask “No.

Here’s another problem that may arise. Some phone operators use SIM cards to store your phone numbers. If you keep your contacts on the SIM card, the synchronization system won’t be able to read that contact. A SIM card is a safe level that is not available through Sync. You have to change your contact and keep your contact on your phone, not on the SIM card.

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