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So, the iPhone 4S is here… and while we’re all waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 5, many of us have renewed cell phone contracts and decided to buy Blackberry, HTC, LG or Samsung based on Android. Buy. smartphone – and the Ford Sync system works well with them.

Sync, Ford’s hands-free infotainment system, is now in its fourth year. As cell phones turn into smartphones, there are some problems when using a better phone with your car’s systems. One of the problems is that sometimes a mobile phone company “saves” your phone contacts from an old phone and “transfers” them to a new Android phone. Despite the fact that we only see one name in our phone system, Sync sees both the “old” number and the “new” number that has been moved. For some Sync users, this means that when you ask the system to “call” the contact with Sync, sometimes they may not complete the task because of confusion in the phone book.

You can try a “clean” link. If you’ve already linked your Android phone to sync, it means you need to remove the synchronization from the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone. Go to your car’s Sync menu, select System Settings, select Bluetooth Devices, and then select “Delete Device.”

Restart the pairing process with Sync. In your phone’s menu, go to Add a Bluetooth Device and say “OK.” The synchronization system generates a six-digit PIN. However, use the search button (a double-arrow button) on the steering wheel or rotate the settings handle on the radio until the “Special PIN” appears on the display. Then click OK, the PIN will appear 0000. Then go to your phone’s settings folder, go to connection management and make sure Bluetooth settings are on. Make sure your phone is “detectable” and then let it search for new devices. When your phone finds Sync, select Sync and you’ll be asked to enter a four-digit PIN 0000.

So far, Blackberry Curve, HTC Hero, HTC Pro, HTC EVO, Sanyo 3810 and many others have received a Silver rating with Ford Sync technology. The silver rating means it can connect to your car via Bluetooth, automatically download your phone book (so you don’t need to manually enter phone contacts) and make/accept/complete calls using voice commands and your speaker system. LG Rumor Touch has a Gold rating, so it has the highest compatibility with Sync (meaning that it can process text messages in text-to-speech mode). Find apps for your phone in the App Store, such as sync destinations, that work with Droid phones. This app can alert you to traffic in real time and allows you to “send” routes from Google Maps and Map’uest directly to your phone and plot routes while driving. You can also install Pandora on these phones. Run Pandora on your phone, then connect to Bluetooth Audio using voice commands or connect it to a USB port.

Synchronization offers a host of new features that you can use while driving. Visit the Ford Sync My Ride website for more information. New automotive technologies allow you not only to make and receive calls. These systems allow you to use apps for your phone to get the most out of driving. Why not make the most of it!

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