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Is it hard not to have motivation? Extra stress? Personal insecurity? The desire for greater personal success and prosperity? Kelly Howell’s brain synchronization audio cassettes are the subject of this product review, and in my experience, her meditations, led and without guidance, help solve all these problems. These audio recordings take advantage of the latest advances in neuroscience and brainwave technology to synchronize your brainwaves with positive traits. Like the state you have achieved after many years of meditation, this brain synchronization technology allows you to use the power of your mind more effectively and rationally. If you feel “completely bound,” it is likely that your brain waves are disturbed. Using beta-theta alpha and delta waves included in music and meditation is a quick and easy way to get rid of stress and motivation and fulfill your desires.

The product in this review is brainwave therapy with Kelly Howell’s brain synchronization – “Your Brain and Better,” which you can find on her website. I have been using it regularly for the last eight or nine months and I think these products are ideal for people who want to reinvent their lives, get a doctorate, or some other life-changing event. However, to get the most out of these tapes, you need to use them regularly, so if you’re looking for a quick and one-time fix, they may not be everything you need.

Product description

From a buyer’s point of view, go to his website on this link, select the theme that best suits your needs, download the programs and listen to them, perhaps on your MP3 player or similar device. Because its products use binaural rhythms, you should use headphones because the waves should be able to move directly from one ear to another. I like it very much because I usually listen to them when I train or go to bed. When I was working in my office, I only listened to music without guidance (available on each package along with a side-managed meditation). Some of my favorites are the three bracelets I bought for exercise: Breakthrough Training, Running Meditation and Power Training.

I think these products will interest anyone who wants to use the power of their mind to increase motivation. I recommended them to friends who had trouble sleeping, or others who had health problems or who couldn’t keep putting things off and keep dreaming, but I think the biggest and most useful help. their minds are long enough to be as creative as possible.

Kelly has an easy voice to listen to, and she offers a free brain download program through her navigation link called Free Stuff. This should give you a good idea of whether you want to invest in some of his packages. However, I warn you that if you like his work as much as I do, you probably won’t stop it. At the time of writing, a time-limited “buy three, get one” offer was launched in December 2010 to help save your wallet from unnecessary costs and investments in these new tools.


His website tells us:

“Brain wave therapy is the easiest and most accessible way to directly use your high potential and unleash your power to think, create, heal and change. No training is required, you don’t need it. You don’t have to go anywhere or spend hundreds” of dollars. Perform complex home exercise programs that take you a lot of precious time. Just 30 minutes a day will bring you great results.

When your brain is in balance, your ability to think, learn, create and remember is greatly improved. Perception develops, memory improves, and it becomes easier to concentrate. You sleep better and are more resistant to stress. A balanced brain frees you from fear, anxiety, and even addictions that have prevented you from experiencing greater satisfaction and joy. “

I found it all true. How does it work? These audio cassettes send precisely tuned sound waves at different frequencies through your brain through headphones. The science is that different vibrations or sound frequencies resonate with each other, forming what your brain considers a third blow or binaural shock.

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