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Hundreds of new products were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. One of these innovations is that Ford Motor Company Scout® of Telenav, Inc. ™ was selected as a personalized navigation service for the partnership with Ford SYNC® AppLink ™.

The purpose of this automaker was to select Scout for the SYNC AppLink, as it can provide more personalized navigation for each driver.

SYNC AppLink, available on some Ford Motor Company models, is a program that allows drivers to access a variety of smartphone apps using voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel. It was also announced at CES International 2012 that Scout is a new daily personal browser from Telenav, available on mobile phones (originally an iPhone), available on the Scout website and soon available on the Ford SYNC AppLink.

Scout seems to be an everyday personal navigator that eliminates the need to re-enter information every time you switch from computer to phone or phone to car. This gives Ford customers the ability to perceive Scout as a personalized integrated navigation service in the car, on their phone and online.

Scout differs from other navigation services in that it offers an easy way to obtain important everyday information unique to each driver’s personal journey. Drivers can easily and efficiently use this app to navigate, shop, and search for places nearby.

Personal navigation features include:

My toolbar: always know when it is best to drive with traffic congestion at a glance
My itineraries: simple and reliable detailed Telenav routes®
My Traffic: Use real-time traffic information during daily commutes to avoid obstacles.
My places: discover new interesting places near or near your destination.
My favorites: Remember your favorite places and save them easily
My music: listen to music from your iPod and control it from the comfort of the app
My devices: use the app on your phone, computer or in the car
Scout for Ford SYNC AppLink offers drivers several advantages. With additional voice control, Scout gives drivers access to and control a wide range of functions without being distracted from the road or taking their hands off the wheel. Instructions are sent through the car’s speakers, and detailed navigation instructions are displayed on the car’s LED display (directly above the radio). In addition, Scout for Ford SYNC AppLink gives drivers access to the full Scout service so that they can find and keep their favorite events and locations on the Scout website. And they can easily access these settings through AppLink in the car.

Scout is now available on Apple® iTunes Store and Scout. Scout for Ford SYNC AppLink will be available in the U.S. later this year. It is expected to be available on Escape 2013, Fusion 2013, Edge, 2013 Explorer and Focus 2013 models. Drivers with an account on the Ford Sync My Ride website can visit this website for more information. There is nothing better than having an automated wingman that will help you navigate throughout the day.

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