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Guangzhou is a thriving 養康中醫診所 metropolis and a bustling city on the south coast of China. It is also the capital of Guangdong Province and serves as the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural centre of the province. Tourists are particularly attracted to places such as the Statue of Five Sheep in Yuesyu Park, the Pearl River and the White Clouds Mountain. The city has many medical centers, and many of them have multilingual staff.

Clifford Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility that combines the best of traditional Chinese, modern Western and alternative medicine. The hospital has passed the Triple A standard set by the Chinese authorities and also meets international health standards. The hospital has JCI accreditation and is the first in China to receive this accreditation; It is also the world’s first integrative medicine hospital to receive such accreditation. The hospital has 600 beds and a translation centre that offers services to foreigners in French, English, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean. Expatriate patients may feel comfortable knowing that communication will not be a problem. The hospital is located in Clifford Estates, 8 Shiguang Road in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou KanAm International Medical Center is an accredited Western Medical Center that maintains international medical standards for its services and effectiveness. The medical center is small and is located on the 5th floor of the Garden Tower, Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. The medical center provides specialized primary care and offers a full range of professional medical services. Hospital services include general medicine, women’s health, child health, vaccination and travel counselling, psychological counseling, annual medical examination, small outpatient surgery and dental clinic. It employs an international team of doctors and dentists from America, the UK, Japan and Australia. The staff of the center is fluent in English, Japanese and many Chinese dialects. Guangzhou Kang’s International Medical Centre has access to a cross-border ambulance service that, for medical reasons, delivers patients to appropriate medical facilities in Hong Kong.

The Institute of Western Surgery provides patients from all over the world with the best medical care and technology, so people do not need to leave the country for treatment. The Institute operates in three locations in China; it has centres in Guangdong Province Hospital in the “University City” and on Ersha Island in Guangzhou, St. Michael’s Hospital in the Gubei district of Shanghai and The WorldPath International Clinic in Pudong, Shanghai. The hospital combines the best Western surgeons under one roof, modern equipment, good service and luxurious environment. The hospital is especially suitable for expatriates as well as for people visiting China for a short period. All doctors in the hospital have board certificates, and the hospital’s specialties include orthopedics, gastroenterology (LCD), general surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery (ENT), spinal surgery, pain treatment, etc.

Guangdong Provincial Hospital is the second subsidiary hospital in Guangzhou, founded in 1933. The hospital seeks to perpetuate the essence of the traditional Chinese language and promote an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. The clinic is aimed at patients, offers patients excellent diagnostic and treatment programs and constantly pays attention to the development of Chinese medicine. The hospital has more than 100 clinical departments, including brain diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases and kidney disease. , breast disease, spine specialist, digestive system diseases, respiratory diseases, tumors, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, diabetes specialist and more.

To receive specialized care for women and children, visit the Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Hospital, which provides international medical services. The hospital is a subsidiary of Bosheng Medical Group and has been named the preferred hospital for women and children in China for three consecutive years. The hospital consists of a maternity hospital, a gynecological center, a pediatric center, a infertility center, etc. The hospital shares its resources and experts with 33 hospitals online and, if desired, also offers remote consultations.

The number of doctors and clinics specializing in acupuncture in the field of medicine is growing rapidly. Acupuncture in the medical arts has its own staff of licensed and certified acupuncture specialists, which offer services that can treat a number of different conditions.

Some clinics specialize in more diverse areas and can treat different types of diseases, while others even specialize in promoting women’s health and, in particular, fertility.

Know philosophy

You need to understand the philosophy of a particular clinic and make sure that it fits your own thinking and general vision before choosing it. Choosing the right clinic also ensures the right treatment, especially if they are committed to high standards of care and ways of care.

In addition, the approach of the medical acupuncture clinic to its patients should be professional, while the clinic should also be a hospitable place where staff and doctors should treat their patients with caution, respect and gentleness.

It is also necessary to study the method of treatment of various problems of patients, as well as the understanding of the clinic’s methods of eastern medicine.

The medical acupuncture clinic should not only treat the symptoms, but also expand treatment options to determine the cause of the disease, and then do everything possible to restore the natural balance with holistic treatment.

American medical acupuncture clinics are growing rapidly today, and the reason for this rapid growth is that patients in the United States have come to understand the various benefits they can get from acupuncture. In addition, most clinics are cost-effective, affordable and offer safe treatment.

In fact, medical acupuncture clinics are available in more than forty states in the United States, and this medical acupuncture is very effective in treating a number of diseases, according to several clinical studies.

Traditional Chinese medicine considered acupuncture a cornerstone. Basically, to treat various diseases, this type of Chinese treatment requires the introduction of very thin needles at certain points of the human body.

Recently, this Chinese treatment method has gained popularity in the West, so in the U.S. and other Western countries it is easy to find acupuncture clinic.

Dr. Ting Hung-Leung, Deputy Director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong, commented: “The problem in 1997 was that we had more than 7,000 practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine, and anyone could qualify as a TCM practitioner. Now strict licensing and education standards have made teaching more acceptable than Western standards.

As a result, many American medical schools are opening Chinese herbs and clinics offering acupuncture treatment, and ancient treatments are tested for efficacy in laboratories. Both researchers and patients are amazed by the results.

Did you know that emphysema can be treated even with Chinese herbs? First, patients should think about what is included in their diet. Dosages include: protein (fish, eggs, lean meat), nuts, seeds, legumes, vegetables high in fiber and soy. What should not be: complex carbohydrates, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, simple sugars and everything that ends up on the “-oz”.

Never skip meals, instead give up small meals during the day and have a snack before going to bed. The main Chinese remedy on herbs – beer yeast, stabilizing blood sugar.

Chromium picolinate is also essential for optimal insulin activity. Pakreatine and proteolytic enzymes promote digestion. The zinc helps regulate the release of insulin. Glutamine reduces sugar cravings. Many people with hypoglycemia lack some essentials: manganese and vitamin C, as well as bioflavonoids.

Doctors also recommend herbal teas with burdock, dandelion or licorice root to stabilize blood sugar levels. Ohio is a powerful tonic that strengthens the lungs and heart, and should be taken twice a day for 6 grams at a time. Consult a specialist to find out which options are best for you.

“I think the recognition of traditional medicine is improving,” said Che Chun Tao, a professor and director of the School of Chinese Medicine at the University of China. I can tell you that until 1997, no doctor in hospitals wanted to touch herbal medicines during clinical trials, but now there are quite a few clinical trials, and doctors are treated more.

I believe that the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is necessary for the treatment of serious diseases, and it is important to provide choice to patients and the general public,” he said. Clinical trials of Chinese herbal extracts are currently under way. around the world to cure some of the most serious diseases in the world.

“If you eat herbs in a week or two, you may have to change the formula, eliminate junk food from your diet or make other changes,” said Jiang Wind Xiao, a Chinese herbalist.

“If you have been advised to use herbs for a long time without any benefits, or if you are experiencing side effects, you may need to see another doctor.” Medications should always be used in emergency cases, but Chinese herbs are best suited for long-term treatment.

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